English proverbs and sayings with DON’T

Poveži začetni del stavka z ustreznim koncem. / Match the beginning in the left box with the ending in the right box.

1 Don’t count your chickens  

a) in the mouth.


2 Don’t go between  

b) before you come to it.


3 Don’t look a gift horse  

c) at both ends.


4 Don’t fall  

d) by its cover.


5 Don’t cross a bridge  

e) before you’re pushed.


6 Don’t bark  

f) before they’re hatched.


7 Don’t burn the candle  

g) if you can’t bite.


8 Don’t bite the hand  

h) the tree and the bark.


9 Don’t judge a book  

i) that feeds you.



Rešitve naloge / Answer Key