Words easily confused: TOUGH, THOUGH, THROUGH

Dopolni manjkajoče mesto z ustrezno besedo iz tabele. Potem preberi spodnja prevode in preveri rešitve. 

tough though through

1 Aren’t you afraid to go _______________ the woods at night?

2 He never complains, even when things get _______________.

3 Even _______________ she has apologized, I’m still angry with her.

4 _______________ I had studied hard, I failed the exam.

5 I’m not going to eat that steak – it’s too _______________.

6 We aren’t rich. We’re happy _______________.

7 Neil has told his mistress he was _______________ with her, but she keeps bothering him.

8 He talks as _______________ he knew everything.

9 He’s a _______________ cookie, I hope we can handle him.

10 I can’t imagine what she must be going _______________ after her son’s death.

11 I haven’t had anything to eat. We worked _______________ lunch.

12 Don’t  expect me to be in a good mood – I’ve had a really _______________ day.

tough – slov. trd, naporen, čvrst, trdoživ

though – slov. čeprav, kljub temu, /as though – kot da/

through – slov. skozi

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key