At the vet

Na manjkajoča mesta vstavi ustrezne besede iz tabele. / Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the box.


Rezultat iskanja slik za at the vet

vaccinated stables syringe measure limps call fracture
neutered treatment tumors putting routine infection prescribe

_______________ (1) down animals is the hardest job.

Horses sleep standing up – outside or at the _______________ (2).

A vet often has to work night shifts and be on _______________ (3) for emergencies.

If you get your pet _______________ (4), they won’t have offspring.

Vets can easily remove _______________ (5) in a surgery, like doctors do with people.

In a _______________ (6) check up they check the animal’s weight and _______________ (7) its temperature.

If the animal has gained too much weight, the vet might _______________ (8) a diet.

Sometimes the best _______________ (9) for an illness is spending a lot of quiality time with your pet and watching his diet.

If needed, a vet will inject the painkiller using a _______________ (10).

If a dog’s ear is sore, it might suffer from an ear _______________ (11).

Most pet owners agree that their pets should get _______________ (12) in order to prevent getting various diseases.

The cat had got hit by a car which left with a broken leg. The vet set the _______________ (13) and the cat is getting better, although she still _______________ (14) slowly.

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