Word pairs 1

Besedni pari: postavi besede iz tabele na ustrezna mesta v stavkih, da dobiš besedne pare. / Word pairs: fill in the gaps with the words from the box with matching words.

clouds fair accident difficulty food
single great crowded flat river
fatal tasty climate dark hair
mild bus deep bed tyre

1 The __________ was so __________ that we had to stand all the way.

2 Whenever someone mentions her son’s death, __________  __________ start gathering in her mind.

3 I lost my goggles while we were playing in the water. I dived in to find them, but the __________ was so __________ I couldn’t reach the bottom.

4 You can see that Mary is an adopted child – her brothers all have a dark tan and brown eyes, while she has pale skin and __________ __________.

5 Your drinking and driving can result in a __________ __________.

6 I can’t believe you had a __________ __________while driving on the motorway and nobody stopped to help you change it!

7 For someone who has been made redundant at 60, it is normally a __________ __________to get employed again.

8 When I retire, I’d prefer to live in a place where the __________ is __________, such as in the Mediterranean.

9 At the hotel reception: »Would you like a room with a s__________ or double __________?

10 We had dinner at this new Indian place in the city. The __________ was really __________. I recommend it.

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key