Word pairs 2

Besedni pari: postavi besede iz tabele na ustrezna mesta v stavkih, da dobiš besedne pare. / Word pairs: fill in the gaps with the words from the box with matching words.

busy luxury colours empty bread
sliced amateur thick street mountain
ceremony questions high religious embarrassing
bottle soup bright photographer hotels

1 Nowadays everyone can afford to buy a good camera, so even an ________________ ________________ can take really good photos.

2 I love all kinds of ________________ ________________, especially yellow and red.

3 The ________________ below my window is really ________________, so I sometimes find it hard to sleep due to noise.

4 Journalists like to ask politicians ________________ ________________ to see how they will react to them.

5 A pessimist sees the ________________ half ________________ while an optimist sees it half full.

6 Vaalserberg, the top of the Netherlands, is not really a ________________ ________________. It’s only 323 metres tall.

7 When I’m rich and successful, I’ll be able to afford to stay in ____________________ ____________________.

8 Over 50,000 people attended a ____________________ ____________________ in honour of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven.

9 In order to make a sandwich you need ____________________ ____________________, a little butter, ham, cheese and a pickle.

10 Chili is a ­­­­­____________________ ____________________ made with minced meat and beans.

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key