Illustrator Manček gets lifetime achievement award

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Rezultat iskanja slik za marjan mančekLjubljana – The 12th Biennial of Illustration kicked off on Wednesday at the Cankarjev dom arts and conference centre with a ceremony honouring Marjan Manček with the lifetime achievement award.
Manček has held a special position in the Slovenian illustration scene for several decades, owing to his _______________ (1 EXTEND) oeuvre of picture books and comic books, said art _______________ (2 CRITICISM) Tatjana Pregl Kobe.He has also illustrated several famous Slovenian works for children, such as Mojca Pokrajculja, Pedenjped and Peter Klepec.He is an amazing story-teller with a fine sense of humour, a firm grounding in illustration and a flair for _______________ (3 PRECISE) designing his main characters, who are _______________ (4 CURIOSITY) explorers of the time and space that surrounds them, she said.Artist Damijan Stepančič received the Hinko Smrekar Award, named after one of the pioneers of Slovenian illustration, for his illustrations in Arsenij!, a story taking place during the Battle of Cer in 1914, which is soon to be released by the Miš _______________ (5 PUBLISH) house.Stepančič incorporates elements from various artistic areas, such as painting, graphic design and comic books, to create a very distinct illustration style that always perfectly fits the _______________ (6 LITERATURE) work and its main message, said Pregl Kobe.

The award ceremony also honoured four other illustrators with Hinko Smrekar plaques and recognitions, including Suzi Bricelj for her _______________ (7 COLOUR) illustrations in a collection of poems by author Vinko Möderndorfer and Tina Dobrajc for her illustration in Aleš Šteger’s novel Kurent.

As the central review of Slovenian illustration, the Biennial of Illustration unites older and younger generations of illustrators employing _______________ (8 DIVERSITY) artistic methods.

The biennial’s exhibition, featuring works by 67 artists, will be on display until 19 March 2017.

(Adapted from on 22 December 2017)

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