The most liveable city in the world

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Austria’s capital recently beat 229 other buzzing cities to be crowned the most liveable city in the world according to a study from consultancy Mercer.

It’s _______________ (1 GEOGRAPHY) location plus easy living make it a big draw for business people. While centuries ­old castles and fine arts make it a popular tourist destination, business _______________ (2 TRAVEL) are just as common.

“For me, Vienna was the most aesthetic city in Europe,” said Magnus Beyer, an engineer with Imperial College in London who recently went on his first business trip to Vienna to participate in the general _______________ (3 ASSEMBLE) of the European Geosciences Union held in April.

While the city is known for its old­-world charm, travellers he speaks to are still taken aback by its beauty, said Jean-­Paul Dantil, general manager at the Ritz­ Carlton Vienna.

“They are really always _______________ (4 GENUINE) astounded just by how beautiful the city really is. Many are also surprised how easy it is to walk around here, how great the public transportation is and that traffic isn’t bad at all considering that it’s a capital,” Dantil said.

He said at the hotel, about half of the guests are in town for business reasons, many of them diplomats, high­-ranking _______________ (5 GOVERN) officials and consultants who shake hands at international meetings of power players, such as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. OPEC has been running its worldwide _______________ (6 OPERATE) from Vienna since 1965.

And as one of the United Nations’ four major central office locations, Vienna is home to some of its major agencies, including the International Atomic Energy Agency. The UN offices employ some 4,400 people from 120 countries.

With more than 1.8 million inhabitants, Vienna is the second­-largest German-language city in world, with 200,000 university students adding a _______________ (7 YOUTH)  and cosmopolitan edge that extends to dining and nightlife, said Ursula Kainz, of Vienna Business Agency, which advises national and international companies.

“If you came here 10 years ago, you wouldn’t recognise the city anymore — ­­there’s a lot of restaurants and bars, creative industries and it’s much more _______________ (8 DIVERSITY), more open and just more _______________ (9 COLOUR) than before,” Kainz said.

Once Central Europe’s most eastern outpost, Vienna became the heart of the continent with the fall of the Soviet Union — a gateway for businesses seeking to expand in to the newly opened economies emerging in the east.

Moreover, the European Union’s eastward expansion has squarely placed Vienna as a conduit for business and _______________ (10 INVEST) that goes both ways.

More than 200 international companies have their headquarters in Vienna, and more and more international companies are opening offices in the city, Kainz said. The high quality of life, plethora of universities, economic stability, and its proximity to Eastern Europe have been major draws.

(Adapted from on 14 July 2016)

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