Word formation – 1st year (1)

Besedotvorje: postavi besede v oklepaju v pravilno obliko. / Word formation: put the words in brackets into the correct form.

1 It’s not _______________ possible to buy and sell marijuana. (LEGAL)

2 It was impossible to recognize their old house with all the _______________ that had been made. (MODIFY)

3 How many _______________ have complained about the violation of their rights? (EMPLOY)

4 I used to _______________ 50 kilos, not 55. I’ve put on 5 kilos! (WEIGHT)

5 The end of war brought _______________ and hope. (PROSPER)

6 The _______________ doesn’t live here any more, so I’ve returned the letter to the post office. (ADDRESS)

7 When I had heard the _______________ news, I jumped to my feet and started screaming. (SURPRISE)

8 She used to do a lot of drinking and partying, but then she had a baby. _______________ has changed her completely.(MOTHER)

9 You should never judge people by their _______________. (APPEAR)

10 My parents are very busy but they make sure they enjoy enough leisure _______________. (ACT)

11 Seeing a tiger in the street would definitely _______________ me. (TERRIFIED)

12 Nobody wants to be friends with a _______________ person. (HONEST)

13 I know I’m not stunning, but at least I don’t think I’m _______________. (ATTRACT)

14 Average life _______________ in Europe is much higher than in Africa. (EXPECT)

15 My boyfriend doesn’t like going to restaurants. He gets really _______________ if he has to wait long to get served. (PATIENCE)

16 Julia Roberts is a famous _______________. (ACT)

17 It used to be really _______________ to wear bell-bottomed trousers in the 1970s. (FASHION)

18 We’ll _______________ get the results of the test before the weekend. (HOPE)

19 Many families struggle to make ends meet because they live in _______________. (POOR)

20 Today people must have enough _______________ is they want to get a job and keep it. (FLEXIBLE)

21 Sally’s dad regularly gives her a modest _______________ so she can buy a little something for herself. (ALLOW)

22 Big luxurious cars are very _______________ in our modern society. (DESIRE)

23 Even if he _______________, I will not forgive him for what he’s done. (APOLOGY)

24 My mum often gets nostalgic about her happy _______________. (CHILD)

25 My cousin is a very _______________ young athlete. (PROSPER)

26 All I want for my family is love and _______________. (HAPPY)

27 Speaking of Europe, holidays in _______________ countries might be more expensive than those in _______________ countries . (WEST, EAST)

28 They haven’t _______________ us about the change of address. (NOTICE)

29 I know you really love going to the riding club. How much do you have to pay for the ______________? (MEMBER)

30 You should be open-minded and tolerant to people who have different customs and _______________. (BELIEVE)

31 What’s the _______________ of this bridge? (WIDE)

32 Teenagers are under a lot of stress because they not only have to perform well at school; many of them also have other _______________. (RESPONSIBLE)

33 You must write your essay in a simple and _______________ style. (READ)

34 This lousy weather isn’t adding to the _______________ of the day. (ENJOY)

35 I fell in love with Fred instantly but now it has turned out that he’s an _______________ and spoiled boy. (MATURE)

36 We’ve bought an old house and we’re going to _______________ it from top to bottom. (MODERN)

37 You shouldn’t make a _______________ based entirely on hearsay. (JUDGE)

38 Your bag looks really wonderful, but it’s white and it’ll get dirty soon. Is it _______________? (WASH)

39 Our _______________ means the world to me. (FRIEND)

40 Did the film meet your _______________? (EXPECT)

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key