Word formation – 1st year (2)

Besedotvorje: postavi besede v oklepaju v pravilno obliko. / Word formation: put the words in brackets into the correct form.

1 Good _______________ deserve a promotion. (WORK)

2 Can you already feel the _______________of the upcoming New Year holiday? (EXCITE)

3 Nobody’s perfect. Everyone’s got a _______________ or two. (WEAK)

4 Tom’s really _______________ – he’ll always come up with a great design. (CREATE)

5 When you are 18, you are responsible for your own _______________. (ACT)

6 Our headteacher’s speech is really long. He should _______________ it. (SHORT)

7 I know you have a right to have an opinion of your own, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t _______________ with you. (AGREE)

8 A _______________ works on a ship. (SAIL)

9 Whenever I try to fix something in our house by myself, there’s always a _______________. (COMPLICATE)

10 Shakespeare was a famous _______________. (WRITE)

11 J. K. Rawling is a very _______________ writer. She has written 17 books. (PRODUCE)

12 My grandpa’s health condition was _______________ and we could only wait and see how it would turn out. (CRITIC)

13 Teenagers often idolize _______________ people. (FAME)

14 My sister is always _______________ involved in Greenpeace movement. (ACT)

15 Your test results were _______________. I’m sorry but you’ll have to take the test again. (SUFFICE)

16 Do you want to study art or languages? It’s time to make a _______________. (DECIDE)

17 Ater she had retired, she moved to a _______________ village in the south of the country. (DISTANCE)

18 Why do we have to learn all these _______________ verbs? (REGULAR)

19 This old bike doesn’t look bad, but unfortunately it’s too broken to be fixed, so it’s _______________. (USE)

20 Most  _______________ people try to find a shelter but many of them still sleep outside.(HOME)

21 If you want to get the information you need you should speak _______________ to the manager. (DIRECT)

22 Although my granpa is 95 years old, he’s still very _______________. (ACT)

23 It’s really _______________ of our teacher to change assessment criteria whenever she feels like it. (FAIR)

24 Have you made these Christmas _______________ by yourself? (DECORATE)

25 I don’t know what the new year will bring about but I’m _______________ that things will go well. (HOPE)

26 Processed food that we can buy in supermarkets contains _______________ which are not good for us. (ADD)

27 I’m sorry but your timing is really _______________. Can you ring in an hour or so? (CONVENIENCE)

28 Do you _______________ think that your mum will believe your explanation? (HONEST)

29 You can hear lots of different theories about everything but I only believe in _______________ proven facts. (SCIENCE)

30 My brother is only two years old but he already dresses and _______________ himself. (DRESS)

31 What’s the _______________ of Mount Everest? (HIGH)

32 I’ve changed the light bulb but it’s still doesn’t work. I think I should call an _______________. (ELECTRICITY)

33 I’m sure that Jenny and Phil _______________ care about each other. (GENUINE)

34 Euthanasia is still _______________ in most countries although it has been accepted well in the Netherlands. (LEGALIZE)

35 This dictionary is very small and inexpensive, but is it really _______________? (USE)

36 Weddings are normally an important event, so you shouldn’t wear _______________ clothes. (FORMAL)

37 Not everything that you can find on the internet is correct  – sometimes it might be an _______________ source of information. (RELY)

38 When you don’t know everything about something, it’s natural to make _______________. (ASSUME)

39 _______________  is a profitable business, but only few succeed in it. (ENTERTAIN)

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key