Word Formation: Adjectives in –ible or –able

Preberi pravila, nato postavi pridevnike v pravilno obliko. / Read the rules below, then put each adjective in brackets into the correct from.

Pridevniki, ki se končajo na -ible ali -able imajo pomen: “biti zmožen nečesa”

  1. -able: (bolj pogosta kot -ible)
  • osnova je ponavadi cela beseda
  • vedno, ko se osnova konča na /k/ ali /g/ v izgovoru

2. -ible (manj pogosta)

  • osnova ponavadi ni cela beseda, ampak njen del.


1 The president doesn’t have to be extremely ____________________, good-looking or well-spoken. (LIKE)

2 There is no ____________________ evidence to support her claim. (TANGIBILITY)

3 Whether we can remain in this situation is ____________________. (DEBATE)

4 She’s been doing exercises to become stronger and more ____________________. (FLEXIBILITY)

5 I find sailing more ____________________ than skiing. (PLEASURE)

6 A ____________________ is a car with a soft roof that can be folded down or removed. (CONVERT)

7 Only the most ____________________ species will survive in the future. (ADAPT)

8 Who’s the person ____________________ for the accident? (RESPONSE)

9 Every child wants to own a puppy because they’re ____________________. (ADORE)

10 Secrecy, while occasionally necessary, is less ____________________ than openness. (DESIRE)

11 It’s ____________________ to apply moisturising cream before applying make-up. (PREFER)

12 A ____________________ nappy was a revolutionary invention by Marion Donovan. (DISPOSE)

13 If you don’t know much about cars, take a ____________________ friend along. (KNOWLEDGE)

14 If you buy an original product it’s usually stronger and more ____________________ that its copy. (DURATION)

15 His attempt at getting away with trouble was ____________________.(LAUGH)

16 It’s really ____________________ to be into cooking these days. (FASHION)

17 Every employer wants to have ____________________ staff on their side. (RELY)

18 She was a ____________________ child, always helpful and kind. (LOVE)

19 The thief found it hard to come up with a ____________________ story. (BELIEVE)

20 They divided the students into three ____________________ groups. (MANAGE)

21 He’s the most ____________________ bachelor in this town. (ELIGIBILITY)

22 The temperature of the wine in your glass has a ____________________ impact on the way it smells and tastes. (MEASURE)

23 There was a ____________________ difference in her appearance after her weight loss. (NOTICE)

24 This book is not ____________________ for young readers. (SUIT)

25 If you use this weight-loss product, you’ll soon see ____________________ results. (INCREDIBILITY)

26 When in London, you should always wear an umbrella because the weather is ____________________. (CHANGE)

27 Fortunately, the damage is ____________________. (REVERSE)

28 She’s a ____________________ liar – she never gets away with it. (TERRIFY)

29 If people can trick you easily, this is an example of when you are ____________________ to being tricked. (SUSCEPTIBILITY)

30 The levels of ____________________ pain vary greatly from individual to individual. (TOLERATE)

31 Children prefer wearing ____________________ clothes. (COMFORT)

32 I couldn’t make up the person who signed the document as the signature was ____________________. (ILLEGIBILITY)

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key