6,000-Calorie Burger Gives Man Heart Attack

Časi: Vstavi glagol v oklepaju v pravilno obliko.


A man at a Las Vegas fast food restaurant tempted fate by ordering a “Triple Bypass Burger”. The man was dining at the aptly named Heart Attack Grill – a fast food eatery that specializes in cholesterol packed food. He ____________________ (EAT) a 6,000-calorie hamburger called a “Triple Bypass Burger” when he ____________________ (SUFFER) cardiac arrest. The restaurant owner, Jon Basso, had to call an ambulance and the customer was taken to hospital. The burger contained over 3 kg of beef, 12 slices of bacon, cheese and a “unique special sauce” full of saturated fats. Mr Basso told Fox News how much distress his customer was in: “The gentleman ____________________ (CAN/BARELY/TALK). He was sweating, suffering,” he said.

The Heart Attack Grill ____________________ (BE) in the headlines since then for its approach to dining. Some of the high-fat meals on the menu ____________________ (CONTAIN) as many as 10,000 calories. There is even a warning on the door that the food is bad for your health. Diners at the restaurant are called “patients” and the serving staff takes “prescriptions” as orders. Patients who weigh more than 158 kg get to eat for free. Mr Basso ____________________ (HAVE) a special TV commercial not long ago promoting his restaurant. He tells people: “What I ____________________ (SAY) right now is real: I personally guarantee a stable upward progression of body weight.” The ad warns of possible side effects that include “repeated increase of wardrobe size, back pain, male breast growth, loss of sexual partners, tooth decay and…in some cases, mild death may occur”. Most people believe that they ____________________ (CLOSE) the restaurant in the near future.

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(Adapted from www.breakingnewsenglish.com 16th February, 2012)