Active and passive voice in sentences (past simple, past continuous, present simple, present continuous, present perfect simple, modal verbs)

Postavi glagole v oklepaju v pravilno obliko, aktivno ali pasivno. / Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, active or passive.

Active and passive – past simple tense

Who _______________________________ (THE CAR / INVENT) by?

Three hundred people _______________________ (EMPLOY) by the company.

After the injury I _______________________ (FEEL) a lot of pain in my knee.

The pirate treasure ____________________________ (BURY) at the bottom of the sea.

Dinner _________________________ (SERVE) at 7 last night.

The head teacher ______________________ (GIVE) a long speech at the parent-teacher meeting this morning.

They ________________________ (NOT PAINT) our house the way we wanted.

Everything ________________________ (SELL) at the charity event last week and a lot of money __________________________ (RAISE)


Active and passive – present simple tense

An ambulance __________________________ (DRIVE) by a paramedic.

My sister ___________________ (FEED) her bunny twice a day.

Everything you ______________________ (BUY) these days ________________________ (WRAP) in plastic foil.

All the passengers __________________________ (ADVISE) to keep their seatbelts fastened during the flight.

How many tourists ____________________ (VISIT) London every year?

Who __________________________________________ (THE WEATHER IN ANTARCTICA /STUDY) by?  

Why __________________________________________ (JACK / SO OFTEN / TELL OFF) by the teacher?

Operations  _________________________ (PERFORM) by experienced surgeons.


Active and passive – present continuous tense

The latest Star Wars film __________________________ (SHOW) in cinemas these days.

The lawyers __________________________ (DISCUSS)  your case at the moment.

Scientists ___________________________ (TRY) to find the cure for cancer.

My mum knows exactly when she __________________  (LIE).

Come and look at the wolves – they _______________________ (FEED) right now.

The secretary ________________________ (TYPE) a report.

The children _________________________ (HIDE) from their parents behind the tree.

A two-day peace conference in Beijing ____________________________ (ATTEND) by the president.


Active and passive – past continuous tense

The Titanic _______________________ (SINK) for two hours.

We _________________________ (STAY) at a hotel on the beach.

The little girl _________________________ (CRY) after the accident.

The new BMW model  ____________________________ (PRESENT) at the car show yesterday.

The car ___________________________ (DRIVE) by a drunken driver.

While the piano _________________________ (CARRY) down the stairs, it was damaged.

The boys __________________________ (SHOPLIFT) when an old lady caught eye of them.

Mum ________________________ (MAKE) dinner when I got home last night.


Active and passive – present perfect simple tense

Such wonders ___________________________________ (NEVER / SEE) before.

The teacher _____________________________ (LOSE) my test paper.

______________________________________________ (THE ROOM / TIDY) yet?

My uncle ___________________________ (MARRY) three times.

The film Bodyguard _____________________________ (SEE) by millions of people around the world.

They _________________________________ (NOT INFORM) us about the changes in the programme.

Many priceless items ____________________________ (FIND) at the bottom of the sea.

The man riding the motorbike ____________________________ (NOT SURVIVE) the accident.


Active and passive – modal verbs

The Game of Life ____________________________ (SHOULD / PLAY) by four players.

How __________________________________________ (WILL / THE PIANO / CARRY) upstairs?

The Great Wall of China ____________________________________ (CAN / SEE) from space.

Some people _______________________________ (CAN’T CONTROL) what they say.

Your family and friends _____________________________ (MAY / VISIT) you in hospital once a day.

The letter _____________________________________ (MUSTN’T / SEND) without the manager’s approval.

The earthquake in Italy was so strong that it ___________________________ (COULD / FEEL) in Slovenia.

An underground garage ___________________________ (WILL / BUILD) here in the following months.


Rešitve naloge / Answer Key