All tenses in sentences: active and passive 7

Časi: postavi glagol v oklepaju v pravilno obliko, tvornik ali trpnik. / Tenses: put the verb in brackets into the correct form, active or passive.

1 I ____________________ (TRY) to call you all morning but you didn’t answer the phone. What ____________________ (YOU DO)?

2 I ____________________ (LET) you know about tonight as soon as I ____________________ (TALK) to my mum about it.

3 I’m going to give that cat some food. It ______________________ (SIT) on the doorstep for hours. I’m sure it’s starving.

4 I ______________________ (DO) grammar exercises all morning. I deserve a treat for lunch.

5 ______________________ (YOU NOT BUY) your mother a present? That’s really mean of you.

6 Sandy is in the living room watching television. At this time yesterday, she (ALSO WATCH) _________________________ television. That’s all she _________________________ (DO) every evening!

7 My mom ____________________ (SMOKE) when she was younger but then she ____________________ (GIVE IT UP).

8 When Jack entered the room, I didn’t recognise him because he ____________________ (LOSE) so much weight and ____________________ (GROW) a beard. He looked totally different.

9 “What ____________________ (YOU BUY) Jill for her birthday?” – “A beautiful pink orchid.” – “But she doesn’t like flowers very much.” – “Oh. I ____________________ (GET) her a book then.”

10 I _________________________ (TELL) him to stay on the path while he was hiking, but he _________________________ (WANDER) off into the forest and _________________________ (BITE) by a snake.


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