All tenses in sentences: active and passive 8

Časi: postavi glagol v oklepaju v pravilno obliko, tvornik ali trpnik. / Tenses: put the verb in brackets into the correct form, active or passive.

1. Listen Diana, I don’t care if you _________________________ (MISS) the bus this morning. You _________________________ (BE) late to work too many times. You are fired!
2. The Titanic _________________________ (CROSS) the Atlantic when it _________________________ (HIT) an iceberg.
3. Before getting my driving licence, I _________________________ (RIDE) a bicycle everywhere.
4. Jonny, I can’t believe how much you _________________________ (CHANGE) since the last time I _________________________ (SEE) you. You _________________________ (GROW) at least a foot!
5. Hurry up, you’re late. You ____________________ (MISS) the train.
6. I ___________________ (NEVER HAVE) Brazilian food until my trip to Rio last month.
7. Is it time to go to the cinema yet? When ____________________ (THE FILM START)?
8. He always ____________________ (WEAR) a raincoat and ____________________ (CARRY) an umbrella when he walks to the office.
9. Do you know when the toothbrush ____________________ (INVENT)?
10. ____________________ (YOU HEAR) the wind? It ____________________ (BLOW) very strongly tonight.

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