All tenses in sentences: active and passive 2

Časi: postavi glagol v oklepaju v pravilno obliko, tvornik ali trpnik. / Tenses: put the verb in brackets into the correct form, active or passive.

1 Since I began acting, I ____________________ (PERFORM) in two plays, a television commercial and a TV drama. However, I ____________________ (NEVER/SPEAK) publicly before I came here in 2014.

2 Everyone’s life ____________________ (HAVE) ups and downs, but you should never give up.

3 » I’m just going to the newsagent’s for a paper.« – »What newspaper ____________________ (YOU/BUY)?«

4 Tim and Susan ____________________ (NOT SEE) each other for five years, ever since they ____________________ (STUDY) at the university together.

5 She doesn’t realize yet what kind of person he is, but eventually she ____________________ (SEE) through him, just like me.

6 At around one o’clock the busker ____________________ (PLAY) his guitar for hours, but he ____________________ (NOT EARN) enough money to buy lunch.

7 Can I borrow this book or ____________________ (YOU READ) it at the moment?

8 My grandma ____________________ (NEVER TRAVEL) abroad in her life, but now she would like to go to Australia.

9 »____________________ (YOU SEE) Harry at the party last night?« – No, he ____________________ (LEAVE) before I arrived.

10 I ____________________ (PAINT) the flat all day tomorrow, and if everything goes according to plan, I ____________________ (FINISH) by 8 p.m.

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