All tenses in short texts: active (1)

Časi: postavi glagol v ustrezno obliko – vsi časi (aktiv). / Verb forms: put the verbs in brackets into the correct form – all tenses (active).

1 While Ashley  _________________________ (1 SHOP) at the bridal salon, she suddenly ____________________ (2 FEEL) really tired. She ____________________ (3 TRY ON) dresses for two hours, but none of them ____________________ (4 FIT) her well.

2 This is my stamp collection. I  ____________________ (5 COLLECT) stamps since I was eight. My favourite one is a hundred years old. I ____________________ (6 BUY) it a while ago from a guy on eBay. I ____________________ (7 PAY) 30 € for it.

3 Our team ____________________ (8 LOSE) again! I can’t remember the last time they actually ____________________ (9 WIN) a match. This is nerve-wrecking, I swear I ____________________ (10 NEVER WATCH) football again!

4 I hate autumn. School ____________________ (11 BEGIN) yet again and the the days ____________________ (12 NOT BE) at long as before. When I was a child, I ____________________ (13 LOVE) this time of year. My parents and I ____________________ (14 GO) to to the forest to pick chestnuts, and then we ____________________ (15 LIGHT) a fire and roast them in the back yard.

5 My best friend Andraž loves mountaineering. He ____________________ (16 NOT GO) abroad, but he reguarly ____________________ (17 CLIMB) in Slovenia and he is very good at it.

But one day everything went wrong. While he ____________________ (18 CLIMB) down the mountin, he ____________________ (19 SLIP) and ____________________ (20 FALL). He ____________________ (21 TRY) to move, but he ____________________ (CAN’T) because he ____________________ (22 HURT) his leg. Fortunately, a few climbers came by and they saw him while he ____________________ (23 LIE) on the ground. They immediately ____________________ (24 RING) for help.

Andraž ____________________ (25 ONLY HAVE) one climbing accident, but he is much more careful now. He never ____________________ (26 GO) climbing by himself now.

6 Ally: Mmm, this lasagne is delicious. ____________________________ (27 YOUR MUM MAKE) it?

Beth: Yes, she’s very good at it. She ____________________ (28 MAKE) lasagne about a million times already. She also ____________________ (29 FRY) chicken all the time. It’s her favourite dish.

Ally: I think you should try cooking as well. ____________________ (30 SHE TEACH) you yet?

Beth: No, she always ____________________ (31 SAY) she would, but she’s always busy with other things. I hope she ____________________ (32 FIND) time for it one day soon.

7 Liam: What are your plans for the weekend?

Ted: My colleagues and I ____________________ (33 VISIT) Museum of Illusions tomorrow afternoon. ____________________ (34 YOU/WANT) to join us?

Liam: Actually, I ____________________ (35 GO) to a wedding. My cousin Henry ____________________ (36 GET) married. But let’s have coffee on Sunday morning.

Ted: Uhm, I’m not sure about that. I ____________________ (37 NOT USUALLY GET UP) early on Sundays. I ____________________ (38 RING) you if I do.

8 Teenagers don’t have enough free time. If we ____________________ (39 NOT BE) at school from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., we ____________________ (40 ENJOY) this time playing sports, reading and helping our parents with the housework. We also don’t get enough pocket money. When I ____________________ (41 BE) a grown up, I ____________________ (42 HAVE) a really well-paid job and I ____________________ (43 NEVER ASK) my parents for money again.

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key