Haiti in Ruins After Huge Earthquake

Časi: Postavi glagol v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko (aktiv in pasiv). / Put the verb in brackets into the correct form (active and passive).

Television pictures are slowly beginning to show how great the damage is in Haiti following the huge earthquake on Tuesday. A magnitude 7.3 quake, just 16km from the capital, hit the Caribbean nation as people _______________ (1 GO) home after work. It was the worst earthquake to strike Haiti in more than two centuries. Much of the country has been devastated. Many major buildings in the capital Port-au-Prince _______________ (2 COLLAPSE), including the Presidential Palace and the UN headquarters. Earlier this morning Haiti’s President Rene Preval _______________ (3 DESCRIBE) the scene in the capital as “unimaginable”. The Red Cross _______________ (4 CLAIM) up to 3 million people have been affected. Mr. Preval fears “well over 100,000 people” _______________ (5 MAY/DIE).

Haiti’s ambassador to the USA, Raymond Joseph, said there _______________ (6 BE) “no way of estimating” how many casualties there were. As we speak, countries around the world _______________ (7 ACT) quickly to send whatever help they can to Haiti. US President Barack Obama has promised America _______________ (8 DO) all it can to help. He vowed “unwavering support” following a “particularly cruel” disaster. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. More than half its people live below the poverty line on less than two dollars a day. It is one of the poorest-equipped countries on Earth _______________ (9 DEAL) with such a catastrophe. The nation was still trying to recover from _______________ (10 HIT) by four deadly hurricanes in 30 days in 2008. Its economy is in ruins and it has a long history of corruption.

(Adapted from breakingnewsenglish.com on 14 January 2010)

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