HSBC bank helped the rich hide money

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MoneyAccording to British media, in 2007 HSBC somehow sent this message to their well-off clients: »If you keep your money at our bank, you __________________ (1 NOT HAVE) to pay tax.« A BBC programme looked at the details of thousands of bank accounts, worth $128 billion, from an HSBC bank in Switzerland. The information was leaked in 2007 by a whistleblower who _______________ (2 WORK) as a computer expert for HSBC in Geneva at that time. He ____________________ (3 STEAL) the details of more than 100,000 clients worldwide. The data shows that HSBC helped wealthy clients to evade tax. A French banking team looked at the stolen data. It said that 99.8% of French citizens on the list were probably evading tax.

At HSBC they say the bank ____________________ (4 CHANGE) a lot since 2007. Many policies have been designed to prevent its banking services being used to evade taxes or launder money. The Guardian newspaper ____________________ (5 WRITE) last week that HSBC understood it failed to follow the law properly. One woman lost her job when she complained that the bank hadn’t made the changes it ____________________ (6 PROMISE). Sue Shelley’s job was to make sure HSBC followed the law. The BBC said that when she complained that the bank was not following the law, the bank fired her. The BBC said HSBC ____________________ (7 NOW/FACE) criminal investigations in the USA, France, Belgium and Argentina.

(Adapted from, 12 February 2015)

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