Junk food ads face online ban in UK

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Junk foodAdvertising junk food could soon be banned from children’s content streamed online, according to the UK’s advertising watchdog.

Ads for foods considered unhealthy ____________________ (1 ALREADY/BAN) on children’s television, but not online.

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), which ____________________ (2 SET) the rules for advertisers in the UK, will soon open a public debate on the issue.

A ban could affect content on services such as YouTube and ITV Hub.

In 2007, the broadcasting regulator Ofcom ____________________ (3 INTRODUCE) strict rules banning the advertising of food high in fat, sugar and salt during television programmes likely ____________________ (4 APPEAL) to under-16s.

Those rules ____________________ (5 ENFORCE) by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which also regulates “non-broadcast” ads such as print, billboards and online streaming.

Many companies now use online video ____________________ (6 PROMOTE) products to young audiences.

The ASA’s chief executive Guy Parker told an audience at the Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum that he ____________________ (7 OFTEN ASK) why junk food ads were banned on television but allowed during the same programmes when streamed online.

The BBC understands the CAP ____________________ (8 LAUNCH) a public consultation on the subject before the summer.

(Adapted from www.bbc.com, 14 March 2016)

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