Cheeky thief repeatedly took couple’s £120k car to pull girls

Pretekli časi: past simple and continuous, past perfect simple and continuous: Postavi glagole v oklepaju v pravilno obliko (active and passive voice).

range-roverA cheeky thief repeatedly stole a couple’s £120,000 Range Rover only to return it every morning clean and with a full tank of petrol.

Zhang, 19, got away with the crafty act until he carelessly “borrowed” the vehicle for two nights in a row, sparking the wealthy owners’ suspicions.

Wealthy Wang from Hangzhou, China, _______________ (1 RING) the police when he noticed his Range Rover missing from its spot in an underground car park one evening.

When police came to investigate they _______________ (2 SHOCK) to learn the car, worth about 1 million RMB (£121,021) turned up the next morning in immaculate condition – and even with the petrol tank filled.

They inspected surveillance footage and _______________ (3 FIND) the suspect waltzing into the car park at around midnight, skilfully driving the car away and returning at 6am the following day.

While they _______________ (4 WAIT) in the underground car park they _______________ (5 CATCH) Zhang in the act as he arrived to return the car from a third consecutive night out and detained him for theft.

Zhang told the police that he _______________ (6 NEVER/INTEND) to actually steal the car, and that he _______________ (7 DRIVE) it to impress friends and women while posing as a wealthy bachelor around the city’s famous West Lake.

Wang and wife Liu, are said to own at least five luxury vehicles and use them regularly for social events.

After learning the rich couple’s routine, Zhang forged a pair of car keys and _______________ (8 BEGIN) taking the car out at night, according to reports, taking it to the carwash and bringing it back in perfect condition so the owners would not notice it _______________ (9 MISS).

Zhang was also found to have keys to other luxury vehicles on his person and has been jailed for 15 days.

In addition, he _______________ (10 FINE) 500 RMB (£60) and could face further charges after investigators found him to be a repeat offender with previous records of theft.

(Adapted from on 24 October 2016)

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