The cat that came back for Christmas

Časi: Postavi glagol  oklepaju v ustrezno obliko. / Put each verb in brackets into the correct form.

Black and white catIt ____________________ (1 BE) seven years since Miko, their cherished black and white cat, went missing in 2007. At that time, they  ____________________ (2 LOOK) everywhere for him, but with little success. They gave up their search in 2008.

Today, they are together again, cuddling under their Christmas tree.

If it ____________________ (3 NOT HAPPEN) to them, the family wouldn’t have believed this story. But on Christmas day their cat, Miko, ____________________ (4 BRING) back to them.

I love happy endings”, said a member of the group which ____________________ (5 RUN) a refuge for animals where the cat was identified. “I wish there ______________________ (6 BE) more cases like this one”.

Miko ____________________ (7 FIND) in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighbourhood a few days ago – just a few kilometres from its old home turf – and taken to a refuge, where workers were able to contact the owners because the cat ____________________ (8 HAVE) an identity chip.

After years as a runaway, Miko was “a bit too thin”, but still healthy, the vet at the refuge told the delighted family.

Elena Hanke and her sister Jennifer are looking forward to ____________________ (9 SPEND) the New Year with their beloved Miko. They believe that he ____________________ (10 BRING) a lot of joy back into their family in the days to come.

(Adapted from The Guardian, 26 December 2015)

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