Why do people own exotic pets?

Časi: Postavi glagol v oklepaju v pravilno obliko (aktiv in pasiv). Verbs forms: Put the verb in brackets into the correct form, active or passive.

The death of an Ontario man has, once again, raised the issue of regulations preventing the keeping of dangerous exotic animals. Or, at least, the licensing of them.

Norman Buwalda, 66, had entered the cage of his Siberian tiger ____________________ (1 FEED) it. The “pet” attacked and killed him.

It’s not the first time people in Ontario ____________________ (2 ATTACK) by exotic animals, including tigers, lions and bears. On one occasion, a young boy was seriously wounded after being attacked by a tiger that was being set up for a picture.

Animal rights activists are saying Buwalda’s death could have been prevented if provincial legislation ____________________ (3 BAN) the keeping of exotic pets.

Now, a vigorous public debate is certain to ensue over the rights of citizens to keep exotic animals as pets.

B.C. went through a similar debate only a couple of years ago when a Bridge Lake woman was mauled to death at a private tiger exhibit owned by her boyfriend, as her children looked on in horror.

The issue almost always ____________________ (4 INVOLVE) the question of which animals should be included, and whether regulations on exotic pets, ____________________ (5 ASSUME) they should be passed at all, should be the jurisdiction of municipalities or the provincial government.

The problem with leaving it to municipalities is that the regulations in one are likely ____________________ (6 BE) different than in another, and the rules become a confusing and ineffective hodgepodge.

Fortunately, in B.C., the province took on the issue and came up with the Controlled Alien Species Regulation, announced last March. The restricted list includes more than 1,200 species including black panthers, lions, tigers, pythons and even poisonous frogs.

As much as regulations ____________________ (7 MAY NEED) if we’re to reduce the incidence of needless injuries and deaths from the keeping of exotic animals as pets, the situation raises the question of what makes people want to own them in the first place.

Is being able ____________________ (8 BRAG) that you have a tiger in your backyard really worth the risk, not to mention the suffering of a biologically wild beast that ____________________ (9 DEPRIVE) of its freedom?

Animals, especially exotic animals, shouldn’t be regarded as conversation starters or as things with which to stroke our own egos. They’re sentient beings deserving of respect and protection.

No matter how well cared for these animals may seem to be in terms of food and shelter, ____________________ (10 TAKE) away their freedom for the purposes of our own gratification isn’t defensible.

(Adapted from kamloopsnews.ca on 13 January 2010)

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