Bled declared best sports tourist destination in the world

Na manjkajoče mesto vstavi določni člen, nedoločni člen ali -. (the/a/-). / Fill in each gap with the missing article (the/a/-).

London is hosting the World Travel Market tourism fair. Bled was picked the winner in the sports destination category. In the same category the expert jury placed Kranjska Gora in third.

Slovenia is presenting itself as ______ (1) sports and green destination at this year’s London tourism fair. ______ (2) visitors of the fair were invited to come visit our country by this year’s ambassadors of tghe Slovenian Tourist Board, Tina Maze and Luka Špik.

Slovenia’s showroom at the London World Travel Market is becoming more and more alive every year. The prize for best sports destination, which went to ______ (3) Bled, additionally charged the atmosphere with ______ (4) excitement. Bled is otherwise one of Slovenia’s most recognizable tourist postcard towns.

“We’re really happy to have won ______ (5) prize, as there has been more than 100 years of ______ (6) hard work in ______ (7) area of sports. That includes rowing, as we have hosted four world championships, chess since 1930, biathlons every year, in 2017 we will be hosting the World Rowing Masters Regatta and in 2018 the European Masters Swimming Championship for veterans,” said Jaka Ažman, ______ (8) Director of the Bled Tourist Board, mentioning ______ (9) series of sporting events.

This year’s ambassadors of Slovenia’s tourist offering are Tina Maze and Luka Špik. Tina is aware that the British are not ______ (10) skiing nation, but Tina’s opinion is that ______ (11) Britons do like skiing. Skier Tina Maze also brought her children’s book with her, which tells a story of courage and, as she puts it, bear power, which can lead to ______ (12) world success.

Slovenia’s tourist workers are adapting to the current uncertainties, as no one still knows when Britain’s exit from ______ (13) European Union will happen and what it will look like.

The head of Slovenia’s Tourist Board, Maja Pak, happily assessed that the number of British guests, which come in fifth among Slovenia’s foreign guests regarding spending, was increasing in ______ (14) recent years. “The British see Slovenia as a country with ______ (15) very good balance between ______ (16) price and quality ______ (17),” explained Pak.

The Slovenian Tourist Board is convinced that the new program presenting Slovenia as a sports and green destination, will lead to a further increase in the number of foreign guests next year.

(Adapted from on 8 November 2016)

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