Don’t abandon the Europe that I fought for – and my comrades died for

Dopolni vsako prazno mesto v besedilu z eno manjkajočo besedo. (Gap-fill)

BrexitIt is helpful to be old, for in my lifetime I have seen world population increase threefold; a stable seasonal climate become wildly unstable with drought, forest fires and floods; the pollution by humanity of the planet’s earth, air and waters to a stage where all life is threatened; and violence become a permanent, continuous tragedy in a world _____________ (1) great uncertainty.

The only stable community in this universal upheaval _____________ (2) been the European Union, formed from the wreckage of a continent for which I and millions of others fought six years of war. I write as a former airman _____________ (3) flown well over 2,000 hours against three despotic enemy nations. That victory for the democracies has given Europe 70 years of peace and security _____________ (4) a widely unstable world. The “leave” chancers are campaigning to abandon this steady progress, citing values false or irrelevant, while they have no plan of what to do _____________  (5) jumping ship.

If the nation should fall for this deceit I can only conclude that the lives of my comrades – Irish, Scots, Welsh and English – _____________ (6) lost in vain. They will be rattling their bones, wherever in the world they fell, at the loss of the beliefs for which they _____________ (7).

Britain in Europe will enhance progress to higher values in the greater world; Britain out means a return to the early-20th-century chaos of warring states _____________ (8) each other.

I am 96. I remember how far we have come. I know what we stand to lose.

Franklin Medhurst, DFC (RAF 1939-46)
Carlton, County Durham

(Adapted from The Guardian on 15 June 2016)


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