Adverbs #1

Prepiši poved tako, da uporabiš prislov, ki se tvori iz podčrtanega pridevnika. Spremeni, kar je potrebno, da bo pomen ostal isti./ Rewrite each sentence using an adverb formed from the underlined adjective. The meaning must stay the same.

Example: Tom is a slow worker. – Tom works slowly.

1 Sue was careful when she climbed the ladder. Sue _______________________

2 The little boy was sad when he looked at me. The little boy ______________

3 A dog smells everything because it has a very good nose. A dog __________

4 Usain Bolt is a fast runner. Usain Bolt ____________________________________

5 It is easy for me to learn English. I _______________________________________

 6 The cold wind that is blowing today is awful. The cold wind ____________

7 Mark is a good singer. Mark ______________________________________________

8 The way Martha is behaving today is bad. Martha _______________________

9 The dog is barking because it is angry. The dog __________________________

10 Not everyone is a hard worker. Not everyone ___________________________

11 The way Tom Cruise acted was excellent. Tom Cruise ___________________

12 I was grateful to accept the present. I ___________________________________

13 She was happy when she smiled at me. She _____________________________

14 I was hungry when I ate the sandwich. I ________________________________

15 The way Ilka Štuhec skis is really fast. Ilka Štuhec ______________________

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key