Auxiliary verbs

Pomožni glagoli: dopolni besedilo z ustreznim pomožnim glagolom. / Complete the sentences with the missing auxiliary verbs.

1 The plumber promised to fix our sink but he __________ done it yet.

2 How long __________ it take you to drive from home to Vienna tomorrow?

3 __________ your friends read a lot books? – No, they __________. They prefer chatting on social media.

4 __________ you have a nice holiday? – Yes, we __________. The weather was great.

5 You __________ lied to the teacher three times. When __________ this going to end?

6 I tried to warn her of the danger but she __________ listening to me.

7 You should remember that spiders __________ have six legs; they have eight.

8 Before they went to Cuba last year they __________ never flown by plane.

9 I sometimes wish I had a pair of wings so I __________ fly like birds.

10 How fast __________ they driving when they had an accident?

11 Why __________ the old lady gossiping again? __________ she have anything else to do?

12 These jeans look great. What size __________ they?

13 If she __________ have my phone number, how __________ she going to contact me?

14 At this time next week I will __________ lying on the beach and enjoying the sun.

15 __________ the Beatles come from Great Britain or the USA?

16 She __________ get into the house because she has lost her key again.

17 Cuckoos are migratory birds that __________ lay their eggs into their own nests.

18 It was a really great party, __________ it?

19 Please __________ disturb me while I’m doing my homework.

20 These bags are too heavy for me. __________ you help me carry them?

21 I __________ like to go for a walk but it __________ raining and I __________ have an umbrella.

22 We __________ walking in the forest when we saw a bear.

23 You spoke to your cousin from Australia last night, __________ you?


Rešitve naloge / Answer Key