Conditionals: all types (0, 1, 2, 3, mixed) #2

Pogojne povedi: postavi glagole v pravilno obliko. / Conditional sentences: put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. 

1 The general public is furious and there are demonstrations every Friday. If the government ____________________ (NOT ISSUE) so many controversial decrees, people ____________________ (NOT DEMONSTRATE) in the streets.

2 The price of fuel has increased dramatically in the past months. In case this trend ____________________ (CONTINUE), we ____________________ (PROBABLY/NOT DRIVE) as much as we used to.

3 As soon as my son ____________________ (GET) back from school every afternoon, he ____________________ (OCCUPY) my computer.

4 I’m not reading anything at the moment because I haven’t been to the library for ages. – Well, I was there on Friday. If you ____________________ (ACCOMPANY) ____________________ me then, you ____________________ (NOT COMPLAIN) now.

5. They say that cats have nine lives. If that ____________________ (BE) true, they ____________________ (LIVE) longer, don’t you think?

6. What normally ____________________ (HAPPEN) unless you ____________________ (GET) to class on time?

7. If they ____________________ (NOT PLANT) enough vegetables in autumn, they ____________________ (BE) hungry now.

8. I’m really tired today. If our new Maths teacher ____________________ (NOT GIVE) us so much homework yesterday, I ____________________ (GO) to sleep earlier, but I couldn’t.

9. Electric cars are becoming more and more common. When they ____________________ (GET) less expensive, we ____________________ (PURCHASE) one, too.

10. More people ____________________ (TRAVEL) nowadays if there ____________________ (BE) no virus.

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key