Good and bad synonyms

Preberi spodnje stavke. V tabeli poišči ustrezno zamenjavo za podčrtano besedo good ali bad.


1 What do you prefer: the peace and quiet of the countryside or the good atmosphere of a city?

2 Let’s go to a fine restaurant: I don’t mind spending a bit more on good food.

3 Most factory workers in China have to work in inhumane conditions for very little money, which is bad.

4 It’s not good to download a film or music without the author’s permission.

5 Despite the good price of this mobile phone, its quality is really bad.

6 The steak was so bad that I couldn’t eat it.

7 I loved your power point presentation – it was really good.

8 It’s advisable to visit the church tower; the views from there are good.

9 I live in a very small town so the choice of restaurants is quite bad.

unfair spectacular limited impressive tasty
disgusting illegal lively affordable poor


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