Modal verbs (all) – sentences 1

Na prazno mesto vstavi ustrezen modalni glagol ali besedno zvezo, ki izraža modalnost./ Fill in the correct modal verb or its modal equivalent.

1 When he woke up after the accident, he ____________________ (NOT MOVE), but he ____________________ (SPEAK). (ability)

2 ____________________ (YOU/TURN ON) the light please, it’s really dark in here. (request)

3 It’s really late and we’ve drunk a lot, ____________________ (TAKE) the taxi home? (suggestion)

4 She ____________________ (BE) fifty, she looks so young! (negative logical asumption)

5 Harry got badly hurt in an accident. He ____________________ (WEAR) a helmet! (criticism)

6 My mum isn’t home at the moment – she ____________________ (WORK) in her office. (possibility)

7 When I’m 18, I ____________________ (DRIVE) my dad’s car. (permission)

8 At the age of two most children ____________________ (SAY) a few words in their mother tongue. (ability)

9 It was Sunday so I ____________________ (NOT GET UP) early. (lack of necessity)

10 They aren’t happy in this town, they ____________________ (MOVE) soon. (possibility)

11 Jack lives close to school, so he ____________________ (TAKE) the bus. (lack of necessity)

12 Look at Tom and Misty! I can’t believe it, they ____________________ (ARGUE), they are a perfect couple. (negative logical assumption)

13 You ____________________ (TOUCH) the electic fence. (prohibition)

14 Tina grew up in a poor family. She ____________________ (BE) unhappy when she was a child. (positive certainty)

15 You ____________________ (HANDLE) these packages with most care. (advice – not SHOULD)

16 ____________________ (YOU/WATER) the plants for me while I’m gone? (request)

17 You ____________________ (NOT STEAL) that chocolate bar! (criticism – past)

18 John isn’t a very serious guy. He ____________________ (JOKE) about this. (possibility)

19 The postman ____________________ (DELIVER) mail soon. (probability)

20 When I get my driving licence you ____________________ (DRIVE) me around everywhere. (lack of necessity – future)

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