Modern Tribes: The Diet Guru

Besedišče: dopolni manjkajoče besede – prevedi iz slovenščine / Vocabulary: fill in the gaps with suitable letters to form meaningful words – translate from Slovene.

As a top scientist, I grew up believing in low-fat. Yes, for years I trusted the research, ate fruits and g_ _ _ _ _ (1= ŽITA) and shunned tempting doughnuts, in the firm b _ _ _ _ _ (2= PREPRIČANJE) this would keep my body strong. I even wrote books about it! But here’s the thing. Although I looked trim and healthy and – some say – fiendishly attractive on the outside, inside my organs were pallid and m _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (3= BEDEN). And more importantly, they were at critical risk of – to use the medical jargon – total fucking collapse. Put simply, I could have died of health at any moment.

Turns out my first 10 books were absolutely right about the importance of hair colour, beetroots, nutmeg, nose s _ _ _ _ (4= OBLIKA) and colonic megafauna in banishing flab and low self-esteem, but, as I’ve learned to my cost, cutting-edge research proves that it’s just not enough to fast, exercise and eat only fermented items between 5pm and midnight – although of course all that p _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (5= PREJŠNJI) advice still stands. But if we want to be truly healthy, as I explain in my new book, we urgently need to review everything we thought we knew about what turns out to be the body’s greatest natural a _ _ _ (6= ZAVEZNIK) against disease – lard. And it’s not just us experts who think so. Visiting a remote tribe in snowy Lardland for my Super Lard Diet, I met 150-year-olds whose              l _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7= DOLGO ŽIVLJENJE) can only be explained by the healing power of locally harvested lard. Right away, I resolved to replace a minimum 27.2% of my own diet with lard,                   e _ _ _ _ _ (8= RAZEN) on nutmeg or fasting days, and a subsequent incredibly hi-tech scan proved that all my internal organs are now supple and resilient, or, to use the medical jargon, the dog’s bollocks.

So you’ll see why I am convinced that scientifically controlled lard-eating can have a massive                   i _ _ _ _ _ (9= VPLIV) on your health and IQ, whether you’re tall or short, clever or thick. How does it work? Which lard should I choose? Don’t worry: The Super Lard Diet, out now, c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (10= VSEBUJE) all the exclusive tips and recipes you’ll need until my next revolutionary diet discovery, out next week.

(Adapted from The Guardian on 28 August 2017)

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