Personality adjectives 2

Pridevniki, ki opisujejo značaj: dopolni besedo. Prva in zadnja črka sta dani. / Fill in the gaps to form meaningful adjectives. The first and the last letters are given.

Some people care only about themselves and not other people, they are (1) s__________________h.

Our teacher always understands what we are feeling and is very kind to us – she is a (2) s____________________e  person.

My dad isn’t afraid of anyone – he’s really (3) c______________________s.

Girls are never quiet – they are more (4) t______________________e than boys.

If you are (5) s______________________e, you enjoy the company of other people.

You can trust Bob to do the work well – he’s very (6) r______________________e.

She works hard with care and effort; she is really (7) d____________________d.

Someone who is (8) f_____________________k will always tell you what they really think.

(9) N____________________e people are honest, brave and kind.

Sandra is a (10) g__________________d athlete – she’s broken two school records this year.

Jane Goodall is so (11) m____________________t – she doesn’t talk about everything that she’s achieved.

The audience were getting (12) r___________________s because the concert still hadn’t begun.

It’s not easy to become a successful cyclist – you must be hard-working and (13) d____________________d at all times.

He’s always got great ideas about Christmas cards and presents – he really has a (14) c_________________e mind.

When you get older, you become more and more (15) i_____________________t –  you don’t need a lot of help or support from others.

You must respect people of different races, ages and backgrounds, even if they are different from you – you should be (16) t__________________t.

Our company is looking for the candidates who are (17) r__________________l (=they know what to do in every situation) and creative.

Luka Dončič is always (18) c_____________________t at the start of the game – he believes that he will perform well.

Boys are usually not good at planning things – they are more (19) d__________________d than girls.

You should be more careful and avoid risks and dangers – you aren’t (20) c__________________s enough.

She would never change her ideas, no matter what we say – she’s so (21) s__________________n.

Everyone likes Ilka Štuhec, because she is a great skier and she always has a (22) m__________________y, smiling face.

My grandparents are very (23) g__________________s – they often prepare our favourite meals and give us little presents.

Rebecca is the (24) s_____________________t kid in class – she’s very intelligent.

If you wish that you had what someone else has, you are (25) e_____________________s.

He was always willing to try new and often difficult things – he was very (26) a_____________________s.

Teachers like children who are (27) d____________________t, because they obey all the rules and do as they are told.

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key