Present Perfect Simple – Paraphrasing Exercise 1

Prepiši poved tako, da uporabiš glagol v ‘present perfect simple’ in da ohraniš prvotni pomen. / Paraphrase the sentence using the verb in the Present Perfect Simple; the meaning must stay the same.


  1. He became a volunteer at the retirement home ten years ago.

He ____________________________________________________________ten years.

  1. They last visited their aunt in Australia two years ago.

They ___________________________________________________________ two years.

  1. My neighbour Sally moved here in 2014.

She _____________________________________________________________ since 2014.

  1. The last time my father lit a cigarette was three weeks ago.

My father _______________________________________________________ three weeks.

  1. This will be the first time for them to visit an art gallery.

They ____________ never ___________________________________________________.

  1. I have never eaten Japanese food before.

It’s ______________________________________ever ____________________________.

  1. Ronaldo signed a new contract yesterday.

Ronaldo __________ just ____________________________________________________.

  1. She’s never seen such a luxurious house.

__________________________________________________________________ever seen.

  1. I’ve never heard a funnier story.

_________________________________________________________________ ever heard.

  1. The last time I went to work by bus was ten years ago.

I haven’t __________________________________________________________________.

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