School, work and jobs

Dopolni manjkajoče besede, prva črka je dana. Fill in the gaps with missing words, the first letter has been given.

Rezultat iskanja slik za job

Maria and Sam met in 1978, both having jobs at a car factory. Sam was w_______________ on an assembly line and Maria was d_______________ her internship as an accountant. It wasn’t hard to earn a l_______________for themselves, but when Maria got pregnant with twins, they both realized their s_______________ weren’t enough. They had to e_______________ more to buy a small house in the suburbs. Sam started working o_______________, and when Mary had completed her internship, she stayed at home. The twins were born in 1981. For the first year, while Mary was on maternity l_______________, Sam didn’t get to spend much time with his family, as he worked long hour s_______________ (izmene). However, he was a hard and reliable e_______________; he always used to c_______________ in on time and never t_______________ any time off,  so he soon got p_______________ to a higher position.

When the twins were three, they started kindergarten programme, which left Mary with time to look for a new job. She had a_______________ to many vacancies, but unfortunately, she realized that she was u_______________ (premalo izobražena) for most of them. Being u_______________, she had a lot of extra time on her hands, so she decided to take a college course in Economics.

Meanwhile, Sam’s company was coping with financial difficulties and many workers were made r_______________. One day his e_______________ invited him to have a talk about his future c_______________. He briefly explained the company’s position and asked Sam to accept a pay c_______________. However, after he had thought the situation through, he decided to take a risk and r_______________ himself.

While Sam was doing o_______________ jobs, still managing to provide for his family, Maria graduated from college in 1990. Despite not having much work e_______________, she soon got a job at the local primary school that her children a_______________. The job being p_______________-time, she earned a decent salary and she got to spend enough time with her children.

When the twins e_______________at secondary school, Sam had already had so many customers that he decided to s_______________ his own business. His wife joined him shortly afterwards, doing the accounting.

The children did well at school; they never p_______________ truant and they passed all their e_______________. Having graduated from secondary school, Lucy enrolled at university. She was an excellent student and got her Law d_______________ in 2006. She has had a p_______________ job in a small law firm ever since. Brandon studied Mechanical Engineering, however he wasn’t serious enough about it. He skipped a lot of classes, f_______________ his end-of-term exams and finally d_______________ out of university. Luckily, his parents have secured him a position in their family business, so he is currently e_______________ there. Brandon hasn’t given up on his future yet, he is ready to try doing various t_______________ jobs (začasen) and he hopes to find something he’s successful in. He believes that a university degree alone doesn’t g_______________  (zagotavlja) a good job today.

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