Sentences with ‘like’

Rezultat iskanja slik za like1. Like – glagol (pomen: imeti rad)

She likes dancing but she doesn’t like singing.

2. Like – predlog v treh pomensko različnih primerih:

a) What does it look like? (pomen: Kakšnega izgleda je?) – It’s big and round and looks a bit like an orange.

b) Who does he look like? (pomen: Komu je podoben?) – He looks just like his brother.

c) What is it like? (pomen: Kakšen je? /na splošno ali po značaju/) – It’s really boring, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Stavki z ‘like’: Dopolni stavke z ‘like’ in ostalimi besedami, ki manjkajo. Za vsako manjkajočo besedo je eno prazno mesto.  / Sentences with ‘like’: Fill in the gaps with ‘like’ and other missing words. There is one gap for each missing word.


1 __________ you __________ pumpkins or do you prefer zucchini?

2 Harry is tired. He __________  __________ he hasn’t slept at all.

3 What __________ pet rats __________? – Contrary to what many people believe, they are really smart and cuddly, so they make great pets.

4 Where __________ you __________ going when you were a teenager?

5 It is believed that some dog owners __________  a lot __________ their dogs.

6 We regularly go to the mountains but we must always check out what the weather __________ __________.

7 John __________ a lot __________ his father, although they are very different in appearance.

8 I know you have a younger sister but I don’t know what she __________  __________ because I haven’t seen her yet.

9 __________ your mom __________ it when you invite your friends over?

10 I don’t know what smoking __________  __________ because I would never try it.

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key