There is… / It is…

Dopolni povedi z »there is…« ali »it is…« v pravilni obliki. / Fill in the gaps with »there is…« or »it is…« in the correct form.

1 I can’t sleep during the day because ____________________ dark enough.

2 I don’t like living in a big city because ____________________ a lot of traffic.

3 Excuse me, ____________________ a bookshop near here?

4 When we arrived at the cinema, ____________________ a long queue at the ticket office.

5 If you have a problem, ____________________ good to talk to your friend about it.

6 They rang the police because ____________________ some kind of trouble at the night club.

7 I don’t know how far ____________________ to the train station.

8 You can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature because ____________________ a lot of tourists here.

9 They wanted to make pancakes but ____________________ enough eggs.

10 You’re wrong – ____________________ my birthday today. It was yesterday.

11 ____________________ three years since my grandma’s death, but I still miss her every day.

12 The storm last night was really fierce. ____________________ a lot of damage to the trees.

13 This is the first time I’ve made a cake. I’m quite happy with it because ____________________ that bad!

14 I’d like to watch TV but I don’t know if ____________________ anything good on.

15 There’s an ambulance in our street. Do you think ____________________ an accident?

16 ____________________ a storm in your town last night?

17 The soup isn’t very good. ____________________ enough salt in it.

18 I don’t like my children watching TV by themselves. ____________________ too much violence in the news and in films.

19 Luckily I managed to get to work on time this morning. ____________________ a train at 7 o’clock.

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