Verb + preposition (1)

Prepiši povedi tako, da uporabiš glagol v oklepaju in mu dodaš ustrezen predlog. Pomen povedi mora ostati isti. / Rewrite the sentences using the verb in brackets and adding a matching preposition. You must keep the original meaning.

0. There are different factors to consider when buying a family home. (DEPEND)
Buying a family home depends on different factors.

1. Your children play with fireworks. I don’t think that’s right. (APPROVE)
I ____________________________________________________________

2. Old couples have the same arguments all the time. (ARGUE)

3. Some people think they can communicate with ghosts. She doesn’t. (BELIEVE)
She _____________________________________________________________________

4. I wish out teacher could get well soon. (CARE)
I _______________________________________________________________________

5. You always say that you can’t have another child because you don’t earn enough. (COMPLAIN)
You _____________________________________________________________________

6. You are asking me to help you with your homework, but you should try to do it yourself. (CONCENTRATE)
Instead of ________________________________________________________________

Rešitve naloge /Answer Key