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Sergey Bubka

Besedišče: podčrtanim besedam/besednim zvezam poišči ustrezne sopomenke v spodnji tabeli. / Vocabulary: read the underlined words/expressions and find their synonyms in the box below. Sergey Bubka, Ukrainian Serhiy Bubka, (born December 14, 1963, Voroshilovgrad, Ukraine, U.S.S.R. [now Luhansk, Ukraine]), Ukrainian athlete, the first pole-vaulter to clear 6.1 metres.… Preberi več

Matt Simons – Catch & Release

Sopomenke (sinonimi): podčrtani besedi v besedilu poišči ustrezno sopomenko iz tabele. There’s a place I go to Where no one knows (1) me It’s not lonely It’s a necessary (2) thing It’s a place I made up (3) Find out what I’m made of The nights I’ve stayed… Preberi več

The new Australians

Preberi spodnje besedilo. V tabeli poišči ustrezno zamenjavo za podčrtano besedo good ali bad. There’s definitely much more to Australia than kangaroos and surfing! When we came to Australia from Scotland, over ten years ago, we soon realised that, beside good (1) places to see, Australian culture is… Preberi več