Category: Branje: dopolni trditve (Reading comprehension – ending statements)


Why are women’s sports less popular than men’s?

Bralno razumevanje: dopolni povedi, ki se nanašajo na besedilo (zgolj ena ali dve besedi). / Reading: Fill in each gap with one or two suitable words that refer to the text. “The real Olympic heroes are, from my point of view, the adult males. The Olympic Games are… Preberi več

Burkinis are nasty, but then fashion is seldom liberating

Preberi besedilo. Dopolni stavke spodaj, ki se navezujejo na besedilo, z manjkajočimi izrazi (največ dve besedi). After an increasingly desperate few years, which the combined efforts of Emma Thompson, Doreen Lawrence and Alexa Chung have so far done little to relieve, Marks and Spencer has finally produced a… Preberi več

World Sleep Day 2016

Branje: dopolni manjkajoča mesta v spodnjih trditvah z ustreznim besedilom (1-5 besed). While most of us constantly feel tired, whether hangover related or just down to working too hard, you might not need as much sleep as you might think. That’s because often it’s the quality of your sleep rather… Preberi več