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Pope Francis: fake and sensationalised news ‘a very serious sin’

Odvisni govor: dopolni prazna mesta z ustreznimi glagoli iz tabele. Dva glagola nista uporabljena. / Reported speech: fill in the gaps with the correct verbs from the box. Two verbs are not used. told apologised saying remembered said criticised called reminded   Pope Francis has ____________________ (1) journalists… Preberi več

Reported speech: Reporting verbs used with a gerund

Prepiši poved tako, da uporabiš enega od glagolov iz tabele v pretekliku in spremeniš, kar je potrebno. Primer je dan. / Sentence transformation: rewrite each sentence using a verb from the box in the past simple and making the necessary changes. An example is given. apologise for accuse… Preberi več

Reported Speech : From Reported to Direct (1)

Odvisni govor: spremeni povedi v premi govor. / Reported speech: rewrite each sentence as direct speech.  1 Mary told Jacob she would talk to him the following day. 2 Graham told his friends their wishes were unrealistic. 3 My grandpa asked me if I could keep him company… Preberi več

Reported Speech : Questions (1)

Odvisni govor: Prepiši vprašanja v odvisnem govoru. / Reported speech: rewrite each question in reported speech.  1 »When do you usually get off work?« I asked Zack ______________________________________________________________   2 »Do you enjoy media attention?« The interviewer asked the actress_____________________________________________   3 »Why did you become a policeman?«… Preberi več

Reported Speech – Statements (1)

Odvisni govor: prepiši stavke v odvisnem govoru. / Reported speech: Rewrite each sentence as reported speech. 1 »You can’t sit at the back.« The teacher told Sadie ______________________________________________________   2 »I’ll talk to you tonight.« Mary’s best friend said _____________________________________________________   3 »I’m visiting my grandma at the… Preberi več