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Modal verbs (all) – sentences 2

Naklonski glagoli: dopolni prazna mesta z ustreznimi naklonskimi glagoli ali strukturami. / Fill in the gaps with suitable modal verbs or structures. 1. Do you think you __________________ to replace that old fence soon? 2. They live in a huge house – they ____________ be poor. 3. There… Preberi več

Cherry pie

Časi: vstavi glagole v pravilno obliko (aktiv). / Verb forms: put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, active voice. A group of our friends were planning a picnic, and it sounded like fun. The only problem was that I ____________________ (1 GO) through hard times, as… Preberi več

The Story of Maggie Dickson – Half Hangit Maggie

Časi: postavi glagole v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko – past simple aktiv ali pasiv. / Verb forms: put each verb in brackets into the correct form of the Past Simple, active or passive. Maggie Dickson lived in the Early Eighteenth century as a fish hawker and would certainly… Preberi več