Due to (1)

Prepiši spodnje povedi tako, da uporabiš ‘due to’ in spremeniš, kar je potrebno. Pomen naj ostane isti. / Rewrite the following sentences using ‘due to’ and making necessary changes. The meaning must stay the same.

‘DUE TO’ is used in English to refer to the cause or reason for something.

‘DUE TO’ is followed by a noun (eg. ‘due to slippery road’) or an –ing form (eg. ‘due to the road being slippery)






  1. The road was blocked because it was snowing heavily.

The road _________________________________________________________________________

  1. The road was icy, which caused the collision.

The collision occurred _______________________________________________________________

  1. Terry was exhausted because he had been working physically.

Terry ___________________________________________________________________________

  1. The performance was cancelled, so everyone got a refund.

Everyone ________________________________________________________________________

  1. Minimum wage will be increased by the government because the economy is growing steadily.

Minimum _______________________________________________________________________

  1. My neighbour and I no longer get along because we had an argument about an electricity bill.

My neighbour and I _________________________________________________________________

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