Say It; Don’t Spray It. Speaking Spreads the Flu, Too.

Vezniške besede: postavi ustrezno besedo/besedno zvezo iz tabele na prazno mesto v besedilu (vsaka tabela za en odstavek). / Linking words: Fill in each gap with a suitable word or expression from the box (each box for one paragraph only).

in addition during in other words so although

Nobody wants to get the flu. _______________ (1) a particularly harsh flu season like the current one, it’s important to remember that the virus spreads through bodily emissions. _______________ (2), when a peaked co-worker coughs or a cashier at the grocery store sneezes, the illness travels. _______________ (3), recent research shows that _______________ (4) coughing and sneezing can disperse many viral particles, even normal speech can release droplets big enough to carry the flu. _______________ (5),  we would be wise to remember the phrase “say it; don’t spray it.”

for instance on the contrary on top of that however

The flu virus eagerly crosses mucus membranes, transmitting the infection from person to person. _______________ (6), people don’t always get the flu from simply touching objects that sick folks have handled. _______________ (7), many are infected by airborne droplets of virus that land on their body — their hands, _______________ (8), which they may later use to eat a taco. In a session at a November 2016 meeting of the American Physical Society, researchers presented a study in which they used an aerodynamic particle sizer (no doubt fun at a party!) to learn that speaking loudly can yield up to fifty times more aerosols, or particles in the air, than speaking softly. _______________(9), they even discovered that saying certain phonemes — A or O sounds, for instance — releases more aerosols than saying others.

as this is why based on their results

_______________ (10), the researchers determined that specific speech habits could make a person more likely to spread airborne diseases. _______________ (11), next time you’re talking to an ill colleague or sneezy cashier, pay attention to how they speak and mind your distance _______________ (12) it might save you from getting sick.

(Adapted from on 11 January 2017)

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