Modal verbs (all) – sentences 2

Naklonski glagoli: dopolni prazna mesta z ustreznimi naklonskimi glagoli ali strukturami. / Fill in the gaps with suitable modal verbs or structures.

1. Do you think you __________________ to replace that old fence soon?

2. They live in a huge house – they ____________ be poor.

3. There was a snowstorm yesterday, so I __________________ drive to work.

4. We have online classes tomorrow, so I don’t ________________ get up early.

5. Jordan wasn’t at school today. He ________________ be ill.

6. It was a nice warm day yesterday, so I ______________ wear a jacket.

7. A hundred years ago women ________________ to vote in a general election.

8. The damage to our environment is so great that we will __________________ relocate to another planet soon.

9. You _______________ use a pen, not a pencil, when you are taking a test.

10. Children ________________ be exposed to screens all the time.

11. Animals ___________ communicate although it’s a language that we don’t understand.

12. When you are 18 next year, you will _________________ to drive.

13. Tony had been practising athletics for years before he __________________ to run 100 metres in under 10 seconds.

14. You ________________ walk on the tracks. It’s really dangerous.

15. Miss Harris, ______________ I be excused from class today? I have a dentist appointment.

16. You _______________ take photos inside an art gallery, it’s forbidden.

17. The internet connection was weak, so we _________________ communicate well.

18. You are always getting angry for no apparent reason. You ________________ overreact.

19. You ________________ to be a Slovene citizen to apply for financial help.

20. They’ve been in the meeting for over three hours. They ____________ have something important to discuss.

Rešitve naloge / Answer key