Oznaka: fashion


Commonly misused verbs relating to fashion/clothes: MATCH, FIT, SUIT

Dopolni manjkajoča mesta z glagolom match/fit/suit v pravilni obliki (različni časi v trdilni in nikalni obliki). Potem preberi spodnja pravila in preveri rešitve. 1 You look so smart in this dress;  black _______________ you. 2 I can’t find anything to _______________ my green shirt. 3 When I got… Preberi več

The invisible bicycle helmet

Besedotvorje: postavi besedo v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko. It is often cited that helmets mess up one’s hair and especially, may not fit _______________ (1 PROPER) over women’s hairstyles. Some people choose hairstyle over helmet and risk their _______________ (2 SAFE). Some choose helmet and keep whining about their ruined hairstyle. Folks! There’s a new… Preberi več

South Korea ‘bans’ miniskirts

Preberi besedilo. Odgovori na spodnja vprašanja s kratkimi odgovori. A new law has come into force in South Korea that effectively bans the wearing of miniskirts. The controversial piece of legislation is called the “overexposure law” and is an attempt by the government to curb what it views… Preberi več

Burkinis are nasty, but then fashion is seldom liberating

Preberi besedilo. Dopolni stavke spodaj, ki se navezujejo na besedilo, z manjkajočimi izrazi (največ dve besedi). After an increasingly desperate few years, which the combined efforts of Emma Thompson, Doreen Lawrence and Alexa Chung have so far done little to relieve, Marks and Spencer has finally produced a… Preberi več

Fashion shows and the media

Besedišče: Dopolni manjkajoča mesta v besedilu z ustreznimi besednimi zvezami iz tabele. potential clients   wholesalers mass-market producers ready-to-wear designers elevated runways couture designers couture houses designers’ ideas latest fashions department stores Fashion designers and manufacturers promote their clothes not only to retailers (such as fashion buyers) but… Preberi več