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Why do people own exotic pets?

Časi: Postavi glagol v oklepaju v pravilno obliko (aktiv in pasiv). Verbs forms: Put the verb in brackets into the correct form, active or passive. The death of an Ontario man has, once again, raised the issue of regulations preventing the keeping of dangerous exotic animals. Or, at… Preberi več

At the vet

Na manjkajoča mesta vstavi ustrezne besede iz tabele. / Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the box.   vaccinated stables syringe measure limps call fracture neutered treatment tumors putting routine infection prescribe _______________ (1) down animals is the hardest job. Horses sleep standing up – outside… Preberi več

Science confirms what all pet people know: Animals have empathy

(Adapted from www.britannica.com, 25 February 2016) Growing up, our first dog, Murphy (a.k.a. Murphy Brown) had her own seat on the couch. Most friends didn’t mind if, while they were sitting in the far left corner watching Saved by the Bell and shovelling down Kraft Dinner, Murphy happened… Preberi več