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Who was Leonidas of Rhodes?

Gap-fill: vstavi ustrezno besedo na prazno mesto v besedilu. / Fill in each gap with one suitable word. Michael Phelps has broken a 2,000-year-old Olympic record by surpassing the 12 individual titles won by Leonidas of Rhodes. Who was this athlete __________ (1) record has taken two millennia… Preberi več

Active to passive /gimnazija/ (3)

Pretvori stavke iz tvornika v trpnik (vključno s posebnim strukturami v trpniku). / Transform the sentences from active to passive voice (including special passive structures). 1 We suppose that endless hours of practice is the only way to achieve a good result in the competition. Endless hours of practice… Preberi več

How Gene Doping Works

Besedišče in bralno razumevanje: Na prazna mesta vstavi manjkajoče besedne zveze iz spodnjega nabora. / Fill in the gaps in the text with the suitable expressions from the box. bodily enhancements bulks up muscles get a temporary boost in performance had reached its peak violate professional ethical codes… Preberi več

Why are women’s sports less popular than men’s?

Bralno razumevanje: dopolni povedi, ki se nanašajo na besedilo (zgolj ena ali dve besedi). / Reading: Fill in each gap with one or two suitable words that refer to the text. “The real Olympic heroes are, from my point of view, the adult males. The Olympic Games are… Preberi več

The Rock Star!

Časi: Postavi glagol v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko (aktiv). / Verb forbs: put the verb in brackets into the correct form (active voice). Catherine Destivelle is a rock star. She loves rock, but she can’t sing or play the guitar! She is a rock climber and a big… Preberi več

Sports: Winning and Losing

Dopolni manjkajoče besede, prva črka je dana. / Fill in the gaps to form the correct words. The first letter has been given. Sportsmen and s_______________ (1) want to win matches, not l_______________ (2) matches. But you can’t win all the time! Sometimes a team or a player… Preberi več

Bled declared best sports tourist destination in the world

Na manjkajoče mesto vstavi določni člen, nedoločni člen ali -. (the/a/-). / Fill in each gap with the missing article (the/a/-). London is hosting the World Travel Market tourism fair. Bled was picked the winner in the sports destination category. In the same category the expert jury placed Kranjska… Preberi več

Magic Johnson announces he is HIV-positive

Besedišče: izberi pravilen odgovor. / Choose the correct word. On this day in 1991, basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson stuns the world by announcing his sudden retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers, after testing positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. At the time, many Americans viewed… Preberi več


Preberi besedilo. Odgovori na spodnja vprašanja s kratkimi odgovori. It starts off with a 2.4-mile swim. The next phase is a 112-mile bike ride. If that’s not enough, the final leg of the race is a 26.2-mile run — a full marathon. It’s a triathlon — and the… Preberi več

Bungee Jumping

Preberi besedilo in odgovori na spodnja vprašanja s kratkimi odgovori. It was a warm sunny day in Queenstown, New Zealand. My friend and I wanted to do something really exciting so we decided to go Bungee Jumping. When you Bungee Jump, you jump off a cliff, or other… Preberi več