Oznaka: war


What is Remembrance Day?

Dopolni prazna mesta z ustreznimi predlogi (prepositions). Armistice Day is on 11 November and is also known as Remembrance Day. It marks the day World War One ended, at 11am _____ (1) the 11th day of the 11th month, back _____ (2) 1918. A two-minute silence is held… Preberi več

The Battle of Hastings (1066)

Besedotvorje: postavi besedo v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko. King Harold II of England was defeated by the Norman forces of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, fought on Senlac Hill, seven miles from Hastings, England. At the end of the _______________ (1 BLOOD), all-day battle, Harold… Preberi več

Don’t abandon the Europe that I fought for – and my comrades died for

Dopolni vsako prazno mesto v besedilu z eno manjkajočo besedo. (Gap-fill) It is helpful to be old, for in my lifetime I have seen world population increase threefold; a stable seasonal climate become wildly unstable with drought, forest fires and floods; the pollution by humanity of the planet’s… Preberi več

Why was it called D-Day?

Postavi besedo v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko. On the morning of June 6, 1944, Allied forces staged an enormous assault on German positions on the beaches of Normandy, France. The ____________________ (1 INVADE) is often known by the famous nickname “D-Day,” yet few people know the origin of… Preberi več

Media Show War Dead After 18-Year Ban

Časi: postavi glagol v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko (active and passive) US President Barack Obama has changed many things since he took office. The latest is the end of an 18-year ban on media coverage of ____________________ (2 RETURN) American war dead. Since 1991, no American news network… Preberi več