Bungee Jumping

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Bungee jumpingIt was a warm sunny day in Queenstown, New Zealand. My friend and I wanted to do something really exciting so we decided to go Bungee Jumping. When you Bungee Jump, you jump off a cliff, or other high place, with an elastic rope tied around you. You go into free fall for a few seconds before coming to the end of the rope and bouncing back up.
The jumping ledge was at the top of a mountain. From up there we could see the entire town below us. It was really beautiful.
We were tied into harnesses. My friend was very nervous and the people working at the ledge could tell. They turned on some music to help her calm down. After she calmed down, they hooked her onto the main jumping rope. They counted 3..2..1.Jump! And she jumped! They pulled her back up and it was my turn.
I was pretty nervous. They attached me to the jumping line and counted 3…2…1…JUMP! I ran right off the ledge and dove into the air. I felt my stomach tie itself into knots and my whole body was frozen in fear. After less than five seconds, I felt the tension of the rope pull me and I knew that the scariest part was over. They let me swing for about a minute before they pulled me back up to the ledge. I took a deep breath and enjoyed the scenery. The whole experience was amazing and I can’t wait to do it again.

(Adapted from http://www.readingesl.ca/stories/index_sports.html)


1 Why did the two friends choose to go bungee jumping?_______________________________________________________________________________
2 What kind of rope is used in bungee jumping?
3 Where did the two friends jump off from?
4 Were the people working there surprised to see the girl was nervous?
5 Who of the two jumped first, the author or her friend?
_______________________________________________________________________________6 6 Was the author afraid when she was in the air?
_______________________________________________________________________________7 What did the people working there do when the jump was over?
_______________________________________________________________________________8 Was the experience negative for the author?

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