Reported Speech – Statements (1)

Odvisni govor: prepiši stavke v odvisnem govoru. / Reported speech: Rewrite each sentence as reported speech.

1 »You can’t sit at the back.«

The teacher told Sadie ______________________________________________________


2 »I’ll talk to you tonight.«

Mary’s best friend said _____________________________________________________


3 »I’m visiting my grandma at the hospital tomorrow.«

Rick told me ______________________________________________________________


4 »My car has to be repaired soon.«

I told the mechanic ________________________________________________________


5 »You haven’t returned your books yet.«

The librarian said __________________________________________________________


6 »Your essays should be corrected by next week.«

The teacher said __________________________________________________________


7 »They left your keys here yesterday .«

She told me ______________________________________________________________


8 »We were having a great time at the seaside at this time last year.«

My sisters said ____________________________________________________________

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