Causative have

Causative have: postavi glagole v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko. / Causative have: put the verbs in brackets into the correct causative form.

1 My neighbours want a new swimming pool so they _________________________ (A HOLE / DIG UP) in their back yard next week.

2 Marissa’s hair looks different. ______________________________ (SHE / IT / DYE) recently?

3 I appreciate your offer, however, I’d prefer _____________________________ (THE WASHING MACHINE / FIX) by a professional.

4 Your poems are fantastic. __________________________________ (YOU / THEM / TRANSLATE) into English yet?

5 We are currently staying at my sister’s because we ____________________________ (OUR HOUSE / PAINT) from top to bottom.

6 I realise it would make you happy if I ___________________________ (MY CAR / WASH) regularly, but I just don’t see the point in that.

7 Are you going to buy an older house or ____________________ (YOU / A NEW HOUSE / BUILD)?

8 Thank god it’s winter because we have to wait for a couple of days __________________________ (OUR NEW FRIDGE / DELIVER)

9 The teacher was furious because she knew that Tessa _____________________________ (HER ESSAY / WRITE) by someone else.

10 I’ve just spent the whole day writing my article, so I _____________________ (IT / EDIT) tomorrow.

11 The Taylors told us that the reason why there weren’t any carpets in the house was that they _________________________________ (THEM / CLEAN) at the time.

12 I’m so relieved! I ________________________ (JUST / MY TEETH / CHECK) and they all seem to be in a perfect condition.

13 Tessa’s wedding is next year. She doesn’t want to buy a new wedding dress, she _____________________ (HER MOTHER’S DRESS / REMAKE) to fit her.

14 Jordan isn’t very lucky. He ___________________________ (HIS WALLET / STEAL) twice this year.

15 What’s this? When _________________________________ (YOU / A DRAGON / TATOO) on your ankle?

16 I’ve been having problems with this tooth for some time now. I hope I ____________________________________ (NOT / IT / PULL OUT) any time soon.

17 Simon’s cat has got very long thick fur so he ____________________________ (IT / GROOM) regularly.

18 Tamara wants _____________________________ (HER EARS / PIERCE) but her mum always objects.

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